Fee Schedule
Our Fee Medicare rebate

Standard Consultation
(LEVEL B - up to 20 mins)

$84 $37.05
Longer Consultation
(LEVEL C - 20-40 mins)
$158 $71.70
Prolonged Consultation
(LEVEL D - above 40 mins)
$200 $105.55

Belmore Road Medical Centre is not a bulk billing practice. Accounts must be settled after being seen by a doctor. An invoice administration fee will be charged for any account not paid at the conclusion of a consultation. Standard Fees are set out below.

Medicare Easyclaim

Our practice is now able to transmit your claim directly to Medicare. If you have registered your bank details with Medicare they will deposit your rebate directly into your account within 2-3 days. Please speak to our reception staff if you would like to take advantage of this facility. Visit the Medicare website for more information about online claiming or to register your bank details.

Childhood Immunisations

Our skilled immunisation nurses Andrea Packard and Zoe Zhang perform childhood immunisations by appointment. Patients will be bulk billed (no out of pocket cost) for immunisations performed by a practice nurse. Most common child vaccines are free of charge.

Veterans Affairs

Patients with a Veterans Affairs Gold Card entitlement will be bulk billed at all times. White Card holders will be bulk billed for approved claims only.

Worksafe and TAC

You can view our Worksafe and TAC billing policy here.