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Evelina St Entrance - Now Open!

  • Information re Shingrix and Flu vaccinations and increased access /eligibility for Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • On-Site Appointment Guide
  • On-Site Testing Guide
  • Telehealth Appointment Guide
For your safety and ours patients and others aged 8 years and over must wear a face mask in the practice building.


This practice is not a bulk billing practice. Our standard fees for On-site and Telehealth consultations are set out below.

A separate schedule applies if the clinic is open on a public holiday.

FEE SCHEDULE (Effective 31st Oct 2022)

Standard Fee
Medicare Rebate
Consultation (5-19 mins)
Consultation (20 mins +)
Consultation (40 mins +)
Saturday Morning *
Standard Fee
Medicare Rebate
* No exceptions to private billing.
Consultation (5-19 mins)
Consultation (20 mins +)
Consultation (40 mins +)

Practice fees apply to the supply of non-government funded vaccines, dressings and cryotherapy and specific items for procedures.

Procedure fees apply to iron infusions, skin biopsies, IUCD and Implanon insertion and removal, and other procedures. Separate information is available for each on a case-by-case basis. Payment at the time of consultation can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard.


This practice has a direct on-line connection to the Health Insurance Commission which includes the Medicare claims process. We offer direct claiming to those patients who settle their accounts in full at the time of service.

If the account is paid in full, our staff will direct the information on-line to Medicare and a refund for the Medicare rebate will be deposited into your bank account.

Visit the Medicare website for more information about online claiming or to register your bank details. Click Here.


Appointments on weekdays for childhood immunisations and other immunisations will be bulk billed (or charged at the rate of the Medicare rebate) where the reason for the consultation is for the immunisation only.


Patients with a Veterans Affairs Gold Card entitlement will be bulk-billed at all times. White Card holders will be bulk-billed for approved claims only.


In recent years more and more agencies and authorities are requesting input on behalf of patients to support claims. Longstanding examples are taxi concessions and disability parking applications but now applications for special consideration for secondary and tertiary education, or to support additional services in educational settings are also requested and for compliance are more complex than in the past.

Given these documents and their completion are integral to supporting patient care and often cannot be completed in a single consultation due to complexity, we ask patients to make appointments (a long appointment is preferred) to ensure satisfactory completion. Sometimes this will not be covered by the Medicare system. The doctor’s time will be charged based on our usual fees should the request fall outside Medicare regulations for the Medicare Rebate item numbers.


To view our Worksafe and TAC billing policy. Click Here.


Dear Patients,

Please note that you will be charged 100% of the appointment fee if you fail to arrive for your appointment, or if you cancel without the required 24 hours advance notice.

Please do your best to notify us in advance if you cannot attend your appointment, and we will gladly find time to reschedule for you.

Letting us know helps everyone – By cancelling with at least 24 hours notice, you enable us to offer your appointment slot to other patients. Appointments cancelled with less notice or not attended will be charged at the standard rate.

Yours sincerely,
The Team at Belmore Road Medical Centre


Some procedures and services which require additional resources attract a practice service fee and other out of pocket costs – e.g. iron infusion, skin biopsies and dressings. You will be informed where these charges apply.