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Home visits are available for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery. 

These can be arranged in advance with Drs Corrigan and Baker. Please call our practice for further details.


Childhood and adult immunisations against all common infectious diseases are available. Stocks of vaccines including Hepatitis A & B are kept on the premises. If you have not had a tetanus booster in the last ten years please inform your doctor.


Drs Uhlenbruch, Neil and Nibo have undertaken additional training in dermoscopy (a specialised skin examination under magnification) and are available to provide skin cancer surveillance and biopsy and removal of skin lesions where appropriate.


Drs Whitburn, Uhlenbruch, Neil and Wu can provide shared antenatal care with several public maternity hospitals.

Dr Whitburn has also had further training in breastfeeding, menopause  and vulval medicine. She has an interest in women’s health and children’s health.

Dr Lorraine Baker has a special interest in children’s health including developmental paediatrics and has years of experience in maternal and child health.

Dr Lim has an interest in preventive women’s health care  and paediatrics.

Dr Jennifer Neil has an interest in both women’s health and paediatrics especially in the area of adolescent mental health.


Dr Sara Whitburn has special expertise in family planning and sexual health including Implanon and Intra-uterine device (Mirena and copper) insertion and removal which can be provided on-site by appointment.

Dr Wu is able to provide insertion and removal of intra-uterine devices also.

Drs Jennifer Neil, Nibo Wu and James Papa are also experienced in Implanon insertion and removal.


Iron allows our red blood cells to collect and carry oxygen around our body from our lungs. If your iron levels are low this may make you feel tired and not able to carry out normal your daily activities. Dr Nibo delivers iron infusions to patients deficient in iron.


All doctors are willing to make extended appointments for counselling a broad range of relationship, family and mental health issues.


Belmore Road Medical Centre provides support for older patients both living at home and in residential aged care facilities (RACFs). Please contact the surgery for available doctors, our billing policy and the list of RACFs visited.


This practice offers annual health assessments to patients aged 75 years and over. All doctors encourage regular monitoring of risk factors including blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels and diabetes risk in accordance with evidence-based recommendations.


St Vincent’s Pathology is available on site Mon-Fri 8.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm. No appointment is necessary.


Patients can call reception to check if results of pathology tests are available. Your call will be put through to a practice nurse for any detailed result.

Our doctors check their results and notify nurses to contact you for a follow up appointment if the doctor has any concerns to discuss with you.


In October 2015 Belmore Road Medical Centre became accredited Yellow Fever vaccination clinic. This now allows us to offer our patients a full travel medical service.

Preparing for travel overseas is more than being appropriately immunised however – so if you are planning a trip please allow at least 8 weeks before your departure and book an appointment – alerting our receptionists to the nature of the consultation so that sufficient time is allowed. Some of our nurses are trained in immunisation and can offer preliminary advice by telephone and perform vaccinations.

Our doctors prefer to give advice specific to individual patients based on their medical history and medications – so an appointment with the doctor will always be needed as well.

We keep several vaccinations in stock – but sometimes a prescription will be required. If so we will arrange immunisation for a subsequent date.